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Bryant Park Wellness
Dr. Jeffrey Linder
(212) 768-4078
358 5th Ave, #1203
(Entrance on W34th St)
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Monday:             9:45 - 6:30
Tuesday             7:45 - 6:30
Wednesday       9:45 - 6:30
Thursday           7:45 - 2:30
Friday                 9:45 - 5:00
Bryant Park Wellness

Dr. Jeffrey Linder
Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program
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First chiropractic office visit
First Chiropractic Visit
Functional movement
Chiroractic services
Functional Movement Screen
Lower B ack Pain
Low Back Pain
Failed Back Surgery
Degenerative Joint / Disc Disease
Scaroiliac Pain/Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
Sciatica/Pinched Nerve
Lumbar Stenosis/Spinal Stenosis
Lumbar Disc Herniations

Leg Pain/Ankle Pain/Foot Pain
Post-Surgical Pain
Ballet Injuries
Plantar Fascitis
Ankle Sprains
Calf Tear/Achilles Tendonitis
Shin Splints
Leg and Ankle Injuries

Mid Back/Upper Back/Rib Pain
Rib Injuries
Scapular Pain
Mid Back Pain/Upper Back Pain
Neck Pain/Headaches
Pinched Nerve
Thoracis Outlet Syndrome
Computer Posture/Computer Neck
Cervical Disc Herniations
Migraine Headaches
Tension Headaches

Shoulder Pain
Thoracis Outlet Syndrome
Post-Surgical Shoulder Rehabilitation
Overuse Shoulder Injuries
Frozen Shoulder
Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
Rotator Cuff Injuries
Brachial Plexus Injuries
Shoulder Bursitis

Elbow/Wrist/Hand Pain
Arm Numbness
Hand Numbess
Carpal Tunnel Sydrome (CTS)
Wrist Pain
Golfer's Elbow
Tennis Elbow
Hip Pain Treatment
Hip Inpingement
Hip Pain
Hip Bursitis
Post-Surgical Hip Syndrome
IT Band Syndrome
Piroformis Syndrome
Labral Tears
Groin Injuries/Groin Pain
Hip Arthritis

Knee and Thigh Pain
Post Surgical Knee Pain and Knee Stiffness
Meniscal Injuries/Meniscal Tears
Knee Pain
Hamstring Injury
Fascial Manipulation technique
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